Drug-Free Workplace Programs Overview

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Preventing Programs (ASAP) cost-effective drug-free workplace programs balance deterrence with education and assistance, to reduce alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

Deterrence – Identifying the signs and symptoms and consequences of substance abuse.

Education - In the form of testing and appropriate disciplinary policy.

Assistance – Supervisor support and confidential, professional help for employees.

Many states offer employers significant financial incentives and allow for the denial of Workers’ Compensation and/or Unemployment Compensation claims, when employees violate a compliant drug-free workplace policy. ASAP Programs ensures clients operating in these states are operating under a compliant drug free workplace policy, and conducting the correct type of testing, to ensure they meet or exceed state requirements. Although comprehensive in scope, all of our programs require minimal employer effort for implementation and maintenance.

Our Turnkey Drug-Free Workplace Programs Include:
Certificate of Compliance for Insurance Carrier
Application for Workers’ Comp Premium Discounts
Compliant Customized Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Extensive online Digital Employer Guidebook
Online Supervisor and Employee Training Courses
Account setup with HHS/SAMSHA Certified Laboratory
Applicant360 account for online results retrieval
1000's of certified collection site locations nationwide.
Bundled per test pricing
Certified Medical Review Officers review of ALL results

The success of our approach is confirmed by thousands of our clients located throughout the United States that have experienced fewer accidents, lower Workers’ Comp costs and a more productive and stable workforce since implementing our drug-free workplace programs.

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Workers’ Comp Discount Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Our state specific Drug-Free Workplace Programs are designed to meet or exceed each specific State’s required criteria to qualify your company to receive a Workers’ Comp Discount. Although comprehensive in scope, our programs require minimal employer effort to implement or maintain, and an ASAP representative will be happy to guide you through the entire process. The following States have enacted legislation and provide financial incentives in the form of Workers’ Comp Discounts to promote drug-free workplaces.

The States Highlighted in Yellow Offer Workers’ Comp Premium Discounts

The States Highlighted in Yellow Offer Workers’ Comp Premium Discounts

Alabama - Save 5%
Arkansas - Save 5%
Florida - Save 5%
Georgia - Save 7.5%
Idaho - Save 5%
Kentucky - Save 5%
Mississippi - Save 5%
Ohio - Save Up to 20%
South Carolina - Save 5%
Tennessee - Save 5%
Virginia - Save 5%
Wyoming - Save 5%

Take advantage of these incentives and implement an ASAP Programs fully compliant Drug-Free Workplace Program to maximize your company’s levels of productivity, enhance your competitive position in the marketplace, and reach your desired level of success without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with work-related accidents resulting from employee drug abuse.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

We have your solution to quickly and easily comply with Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations. Since 1988, ASAP Programs has been providing drug and alcohol testing compliance services to thousands of employers nationwide. We currently offer DOT Compliant programs and Consortiums for FMCSA and USCG. Our services encompass all aspects of the 49 CFR Part 40 regulations and are easily managed online within our proprietary software.

Program Features Include

Employer Guidebook and Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Testing by HHS/SAMHSA-Certified laboratories
Nationwide Collection Site Network
On staff Medical Review Officer and CEAP/SAP
DOT Audit Assistance and MIS Report Information
Online Management with RPM360
2-Hour Required DOT Supervisory Online Training Course
Enroll and manage your employees in the consortium online 24hrs a day
System generated random selections online with individual Notice of Selection letters
Automatic live status updates as random tests are completed with direct link to test results
Easily print individual Confirmation of Enrollments, Notice of Selections, test results and employee lists
Integrated State Motor Vehicle Records, Commercial Driver’s License Program (CDL/CDLIS), DOT Employment Verifications, and Criminal Background Checks


United States Coast Guard (USCG)

We serve both individual captains and large and small companies, offering multiple package and service options to suit their individual needs. Our clients include cruise ships, marina’s, charter/fishing boats, gambling boats, aquariums, State Parks, colleges, high schools, sailing schools, marine towing and salvage, and individual owner operator captains. We provide all necessary components and guidance for implementing and maintaining drug and alcohol testing programs complying with applicable USCG regulations including:

Individual Consortium Enrollment Includes:
Certificate of Enrollment with Wallet Card
Notice of Selection Letters for Random Testing
All Random Testing at the Rate Specified by USCG
Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms and Supplies
1000's of Conveniently Located Collections Sites Nationwide
All Testing Performed by DHHS Approved Laboratories
Certified Medical Review Officer Report of Laboratory Results
USCG Audit Assistance
Required Annual MIS Report Submission
Marine Employer Compliance Program Includes:
Marine Employer Guidebook
USCG Drug-Free Policy
Notice and EAP Posters
Bulkhead stickers
Access to Employee Assistance Program
Online Supervisory Training Courses
Post-Accident Drug Testing Kits
Saliva Alcohol Testing Forms and Kit


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

ASAP recommends including our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with all of our Drug-Free Workplace Programs. By providing our EAP in combination with your Drug-Free Workplace Program you will not only be providing the integral element of assistance with your program, but you will also be providing an important employee benefit. The goal of our EAP is to help those employees who need professional help in order to stop abusing drugs and alcohol and to educate those employees that do not to prevent them from ever starting. The EAP also provides education and training for your supervisory staff to aid them in identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse and how to refer employees in need to the EAP.

Employee Assistance Program benefits include:
On-line access to our ASAPguides for employees and ASAPguards for supervisors which are publications which feature timely subjects of general interest regarding drug and alcohol related topics. Each issue provides 10 minutes credit toward required supervisor and employee annual education.
Over 40 different EAP Posters to choose from to display in the workplace to serve as a constant persuasive reminder that employer-provided CONFIDENTIAL & PROFESSIONAL assistance is available for employees for help with problems related to drugs and alcohol.
Supervisory training - available for employer-supervisors to familiarize them with:
  - State and Federal rules regarding drug and alcohol testing.
  - Recognizing signs and symptoms of alcohol and/or drug abuse.
  - Techniques for confronting a potentially impaired employee.
  - Referring the impaired employee to the EAP or treatment provider.
Written Course Booklets - with attached quiz to document participation

For more information please call (800) 329-6334