Medical Review Officer

ASAP’s Medical Review Officers (MRO) are certified and have extensive experience. All drug test results are required to be reported from the certified testing laboratories directly to ASAP for MRO review before being reported to your company. Our MROs then function as independent and impartial “gatekeepers” and advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process to protect innocent employees from unwarranted disciplinary action and to protect your company from inadvertent ADA violations.

Positive or abnormal test results may be attributed to illicit drug abuse, valid use of prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, or even some foods. Our MROs will call employees with positive and abnormal test results in order to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for the drug to be in the employee’s system. If a legitimate medical explanation is provided, the result will be reported negative to your company.

For more information please call (800) 329-6334.

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