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Our Company

Founded in 1988, ASAP Programs started with the vision of providing full service compliant drug and alcohol testing programs to companies of any size.  In 2007, that vision was expanded to also include background screening services with the acquisition of Peoplefacs Screening (now Applicant360).  Today, 1,000’s of employers nationwide, of varying sizes, use our comprehensive array of services to screen their prospective applicants efficiently and accurately.

Our Mission

Simplify the applicant screening process for companies of any size by providing dependable, state of the art drug testing and background screening tools that are accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.

Why Us?

Our belief is that every company, whether large or small, deserves the same level of attention to detail and dedication to customer service.  We understand the hiring challenges that companies face today are different than what they faced ten years ago, five years ago, and even 12 months ago.  That’s why we are always evolving; developing new products and solutions that will provide our customers with compliant screening tools to quickly identify highly qualified candidates.  Applicant Invite, RPM, and D.A.R.T are just a few of the proprietary tools we’ve developed over the last several years to give our customers state of the art solutions to improve their efficiency in applicant screening.

We always do the right thing for our clients. We conduct an honest evaluation of every client's business to ensure that they receive only the programs and services they require. 


Combining our years of experience with direct customer feedback, we are continually developing new products and solutions to create compliant screening technologies that enable our clients to quickly find highly qualified applicants.


Our entirely U.S.-based customer support team consists of specialized account managers that oversee every aspect of your account and serve as your primary point of contact for all questions.

Customer Service

Through our cutting-edge court access and laboratory integrations, you can be confident that our turnaround time is the best in the industry.

Turnaround Time

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