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Direct Applicant Registration for Testing

DART will automate data entry and increase visibility into your testing process, while giving your applicants access to the industry's most comprehensive list of collection sites, which includes all major laboratories and the largest network of extended hour locations available. This enables applicants to register for drug testing electronically by selecting a collection site that is convenient for them in terms of proximity and working hours.

Benefits of DART

  • Multiple laboratories are integrated into a single electronic registration tool.

  • Industry's largest network of extended hour collection sites.

  • Versatile tool with options to send through Applicant360 or Generate QR Codes for offsite locations

  • Reduces data entry and increases transparency throughout the testing process by providing real-time status updates.

DARTs are versatile and may be sent through Applicant360 or a Generated QR Code. Both enable applicants to choose from a comprehensive list of laboratory patient care centers and third-party collection sites, many of which offer extended hours. The applicant then selects the collection site that is most suitable for them in terms of proximity and hours of operation. This is especially beneficial for remote workers, rural locations, and applicants requesting earlier or later hours of collection. 

Send through Applicant360

Applicant360 wtagline.png

Simply enter the applicant's name, email address, and drug testing profile and click send! DART statuses are instantly visible inside Applicant360, allowing for convenient tracking.

Generate a QR Code


Generate multiple-use QR Codes within Applicant360, which remote managers who may not have access to Applicant360 can distribute to applicants. In Applicant360, your HR team maintains complete visibility and can view completed DARTs in real-time.



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