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Applicant Invites - Reduce Data Entry & Simplify Your Screening Process

An Applicant Invite saves time by enabling the applicant to self-enter the information necessary for the type of background check services included in the chosen package, as well as review and sign necessary authorizations and consents. Once the applicant completes the Invite, the screening services are automatically submitted for processing, and you will receive instant status updates within Applicant360 as well as an email notification when all screening services are complete and ready for review.

Applicant Invite simplify screening.

Applicant Invite

Here’s how it works...​

  • Simply enter your applicant’s name, email address, and package selection and click send. A email is then sent to your applicant with a link and instructions.

  • Your Applicant enters all of the required information and electronically signs all required authorization and consent forms based on the selected services.

  • Once the Invite is completed, the services included in your customizable Package are automatically submitted for processing

Drug Screening Options with Applicant Invites

Including a drug test with your Applicant Invite is very simple, and there are two choices available, both of which are triggered immediately once the Invite is completed.

Auto-Register - Applicant360 will automatically register the drug test and email the applicant a registration form with instructions and directions to available laboratory patient service center collection sites based on the applicant's zip code. The auto-register option restricts collection sites to only laboratory operated patient service centers.

DART (Direct Applicant Registration for Testing) - Applicant360 will automatically send the applicant a DART through email after they submit the Applicant Invite. The applicant inputs their current zip code into the DART system and is then presented with a comprehensive list of both laboratory patient service centers and third-party collection sites, many of which offer extended hours. The applicant then selects the collection site location most convenient to them both by proximity and operating hours. This is particularly advantageous for remote workforces, rural areas, and applicants requesting earlier or later collection hours.

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