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Federal Contractors and Grantees Drug-Free Workplace Programs


The most important piece of legislation regulating federal contractors and grantees is the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Under the Act, a drug-free workplace policy is required for:

  • Any organization that receives a federal contract of $100,000 or more

  • Any organization receiving a federal grant of any size

Easy Implementation and Set-Up

We provide every component necessary to ensure compliance and the integrity of your federal contracts and/or grants.

  • Compliant Customized Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  • Personal reporting obligation Acknowledgement

  • Extensive online Digital Employer Guidebook

  • Online Supervisor and Employee Training Courses

  • Account setup with HHS/SAMSHA Certified Laboratory

  • Applicant360 account for online results retrieval

  • 1000's of certified collection site locations nationwide.

  • Certified Medical Review Officers review of ALL results

ASAP Programs ensures that you comply with the 1988 Drug-Free Workplace Act by delivering all components required to meet or exceed federal requirements. Our programs require minimal employer effort and may be implemented within 24 hours.

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