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Drug Testing Overview

Drug Overview

Whether combined with our turnkey State and/or Federal Drug Free Workplace Programs or used simply for applicant screening, our drug testing provides the deterrent needed to help maintain a drug-free workplace and meet your company's objectives and compliance needs. As an ASAP client you will receive bundled per test pricing which includes all of the following:

  • Electronic registration of your candidate/employee’s drug test at one of thousands of collection sites located throughout the U.S.

  • Collections performed by trained collectors using strict chain of custody procedures.

  • Live status updates and quick result reporting via our laboratory integrations.

  • Specimen validity testing, which checks the collected samples for integrity and dilution.

  • Laboratory testing by SAMHSA and CAP certified laboratories.

  • Verification of ALL results by our Certified Medical Review Officers.

Extensive Network of Collection Sites

Collection Site

Our Multi-Lab technology gives us access to the collection site resources of all the major laboratories. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with the ability to electronically register drug tests utilizing the industry's most extensive list of collection sites, which includes a large number of remote locations and locations with extended hours.

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Utilize our DART-Direct Applicant Registration for Testing feature to enhance the experience of onboarding applicants. DARTs can be distributed via Applicant360 or a QR code generated by the system. Both allow applicants to select from an expansive range of laboratory patient care centers and third-party collection sites, many of which offer extended hours. The applicant then chooses the site that is most convenient for them in terms of proximity and operating hours. This is especially advantageous for remote workers, rural areas, and applicants requesting earlier or later collection hours.

Multiple Testing Options

Multiple Testing Options

Types of Drug Testing

  • Federal (DOT)

  • Florida Drug-Free Workplace (HRS)

  • Forensic (Non-DOT) Lab Based Testing

  • Forensic (Non-DOT) Instant Test Results

  • Saliva (Oral Fluid) Testing

  • Hair Testing

Customized Testing Options

  • Exclude Marijuana*

  • Health Care Professional Panels

  • Nicotine Testing

  • Synthetic Opiates

  • Ecstasy (MDMA)

*Non-Regulated Only

Alcohol Testing

  • Blood Alcohol

  • Saliva Alcohol

  • Breath Alcohol


Our Medical Review Officers

ASAP’s Medical Review Officers (MRO) are certified and have extensive experience. All drug test results are required to be reported from the certified testing laboratories directly to ASAP for MRO review before being reported to your company. Our MROs then function as independent and impartial “gatekeepers” and advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process to protect innocent employees from unwarranted disciplinary action and to protect your company from inadvertent ADA violations.

Positive or abnormal test results may be attributed to illicit drug abuse, valid use of prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, or even some foods. Our MROs will call employees with positive results in order to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for the drug to be in the employee’s system. If a legitimate medical explanation is provided, the result will be reported as negative to your company.


On-site Testing - Nationwide Coverage


Random testing, job fairs, late shift changes and rural job sites are just a few of the situations for which our clients have found utilizing our mobile testing to be both economical and convenient. In fact, depending on travel distance and the number of collections to be performed, on-site mobile testing for groups may cost no more than local collection centers. Some of the benefits of Mobile Testing include:

  • Convenience - By having the collector on-site, you eliminate the time required for an employee to travel to a collection site and avoid the liability associated with sending personnel off-site in vehicles, particularly if they are impaired.

  • Efficiency – Impact to productivity is greatly reduced when you can pull an employee in for a drug screen collection and send them right back out to their job.

  • Deterrence – By conducting on-site drug screening collection activities, you demonstrate to your employees that you take maintaining a drug-free workplace very seriously.

Onsite Testing
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