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Drug Testing - Quick Quote Form

After you submit this form we will begin compiling the information you provided to create a custom and compliant solution to meet your company’s needs, and will email you your free no obligation quote shortly.

Your quote will contain bundled per test pricing which includes all of the following:

  • Applicant360 account for electronic scheduling, result retrieval, and archiving.

  • Access to 1000’s of collections sites nationwide with collections performed by trained collectors using strict chain of custody procedures.

  • Live status updates and quick result reporting via our laboratory integrations.

  • Specimen validity testing, which checks the samples collected for integrity and dilution.

  • Laboratory testing by SAMHSA and CAP certified laboratories

  • Verification of ALL results by our Certified Medical Review Officers.

Do you currently have a drug testing program in place?

Thanks for Submitting!

We will provide your Drug Testing - Quick Quote shortly.

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