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Drug-Free Workplace Programs Overview

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Programs' cost-effective drug-free workplace programs balance deterrence with education and assistance to reduce alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

  • Deterrence – In the form of testing and appropriate disciplinary policy.

  • Education - Identifying the signs, symptoms and consequences of substance abuse.

  • Assistance – Supervisor support and confidential, professional help for employees.

The success of our approach is confirmed by thousands of our clients located throughout the United States that have experienced fewer accidents, lower Workers’ Comp costs and a more productive and stable workforce since implementing our drug-free workplace programs.

Drug-Free Benefits



Workers' Comp








Customer Trust

Work Quality

Employee Morale

Easy Implementation and One-Stop Convenience

Our very comprehensive programs require minimal employer effort to be implemented and maintained and include all the following components:

  • Certificate of Compliance for Insurance Carrier

  • Application for Workers’ Comp Premium Discounts

  • Compliant Customized Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  • Extensive online Digital Employer Guidebook

  • Online Supervisor and Employee Training Courses

  • Account setup with HHS/SAMSHA Certified Laboratory

  • Applicant360 account for online results retrieval

  • 1000's of certified collection site locations nationwide

  • Bundled per test pricing

  • Certified Medical Review Officers review of ALL results

Many states offer employers significant financial incentives and allow for the denial of Workers’ Compensation and/or Unemployment Compensation claims when employees violate a compliant drug-free workplace policy. ASAP Programs ensures clients operating in these states are operating under a compliant drug-free workplace policy and conducting the correct type of testing to ensure they meet or exceed state requirements. Although comprehensive, our turnkey systems are designed to keep you compliant with minimal involvement on your part.

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