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Workers’ Comp Discount Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Our state-specific Drug-Free Workplace Programs are designed to meet or exceed each specific state’s required criteria to qualify your company to receive a Workers’ Comp Discount. Although comprehensive in scope, our programs require minimal employer effort to implement or maintain, and an ASAP representative will be happy to guide you through the entire process. The following states have enacted legislation and provide financial incentives in the form of Workers’ Comp Discounts to promote drug-free workplaces:

  • Alabama - Save 5%

  • Arkansas - Save 5%

  • Florida - Save 5%

  • Georgia - Save 7.5%

  • Idaho - Save 5%

  • Kentucky - Save 5%

  • Mississippi - Save 5%

  • Ohio - Save Up to 20%

  • South Carolina - Save 5%

  • Tennessee - Save 5%

  • Virginia - Save 5%

  • Wyoming - Save 5%


The States Highlighted in Yellow Offer Workers' Comp Premium Discounts

Take advantage of these incentives and implement an ASAP Programs fully compliant Drug-Free Workplace Program to maximize your company’s levels of productivity, enhance your competitive position in the marketplace, and reach your desired level of success without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with work-related accidents resulting from employee drug abuse.

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