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Background Checks Overview

Background Checks Overview

Applicant360 is the right tool to provide accurate, reliable, and timely background information on your candidates. Our proprietary online application conveniently provides a secure, easy-to-use interface for processing a multitude of background screening services, which can be packaged with a pre-employment drug test for a true “one-stop” experience.

Comprehensive Search Options

Criminal Searches  

  • Nationwide Criminal 360

  • Social Security Trace

  • Statewide Criminal Search

  • County Courthouse Checks

  • Nationwide Sexual Offender

  • National Wants & Warrants

  • Federal Criminal Searches

  • U.S. Patriot Act (OFAC)

  • Motor Vehicles Records

  • National Security Screen

Verifications and Qualifications

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Employment Credit Reports

  • Education and Certifications

  • Employment History

  • Credentials and Licensing

  • FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

  • DOT Driver History

  • Reference Checks

  • Healthcare Sanctions

  • Social Media Screening

International Checks

Over 250 Countries and Territories

  • Credit and Finance

  • Civil Records

  • Criminal Records

  • Verifications and References

Health Screening and Wellness

  • DOT Physical Exams

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

  • Vaccine Titers

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Confidence and Integrity

When you work with Applicant360, you can be assured that we operate in full compliance with the governing standards in our industry. Applicant360 provides free built-in FCRA compliance tools necessary to comply with FCRA employment background screening requirements, including: Applicant Disclosure and Consent forms, Employer Individualized Assessments, Prefilled Pre-Adverse and Final Adverse Action letters, FCRA Summary of Consumer Rights, and individual state notices.

Association Memberships

PBSA and DATIA Membership Logo

Background Check Packages

A Social Security Trace, Nationwide Criminal Database search, and a County Criminal Record Search of a applicant's current residence are the basic foundation of the most common packages used by our clients today. Depending on your industry, you may wish to add additional searches, such as Education and Employment verifications, to create a custom package. There are no limitations to the number of custom packages you can create, and our customer service representatives are happy to help you build the best package for your company.

Common Packages

The packages listed below represent the base building blocks of the packages that are most popular with our clients. Depending on your industry you may add additional searches and drug testing to create your own custom packages.

Comprehensive Package
Standard Plus Package
Standard Package
Basic Plus Package
Basic Package
SSN Validation - Validity and death index check
SSN Trace - Address history and Alias Info
County Criminal Record Search - Current Residence Only
County Criminal Record Search - Last 7 Years of Residence
Nationwide Criminal Database
Employment Verification
Applicant Invite.png

A Winning Combination: Packages and Applicant Invites

Simplify Your Screening Process!

Send an invitation email to your applicant that includes a secure link that enables them to electronically sign required authorizations, self-enter required information for the selected package, and automatically schedule a drug test or send a DART to electronically generate the drug test form (if included in your package).

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