We are always adding new services so if you don't see the service you are looking for above, please give us a call. In addition, we have put together packages of our most commonly requested services to help you build your ideal screening program.

Background Check Services

Every company’s success depends on the viability of its workforce. Let’s face it; a résumé and interview tell you only what the applicant wants you to know. Getting the right information and making informed hiring decisions has become increasingly difficult. The solution? Applicant360

Our proprietary online application is a secure, easy to use interface, allowing our customers to process both drug testing and background checks in a true one-stop convenience. Our system engineers have incorporated crucial feedback from our customers in developing our state of the art, highly secure, user friendly software application. Examples of the types of searches we provide are:

Nationwide Criminal 360
Turnaround: Instant
Description: A proprietary compilation of more than 400 million criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC) and state sex offender registries including Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico. Also included are over 70 national and international terrorism sources. Call us today and ask why we consider this the best "fill in the blank" search available.
Social Security Trace
Turnaround: Instant
Description: A database search of an applicant’s social security number, utilized to locate past and current associated addresses, names, and alias information associated with your applicant.
Statewide Criminal Search
Turnaround: Varies by State
Description: A criminal record search which checks information housed by a particular state’s official source to discover criminal records that may be outside of the applicant’s home county. All Statewide Criminal Searches go back a minimum of seven years. Information returned varies per state (ie: Felonies, Misdemeanors, Convictions, Arrests, time frames, etc.)
On-Site County Courthouse Checks
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: This is one of the most powerful tools for uncovering criminal records, as the majority of criminal offenses are filed in county courts. Our researchers have access to information from courthouse records in every county in the United States. All county criminal searches go back a minimum of seven years and include Felonies, Misdemeanors, Convictions, Arrests, and Dispositions.
Nationwide Sexual Offender
Turnaround: Same Day
Description: Is a search of all US state agencies that identify registered sex offenders.
National Wants & Warrants
Turnaround: Same Day
Description: A proprietary database search for active wants and/or warrants nationwide.
Federal Criminal Searches by District
Turnaround: Same Day
Description: A search of criminal record information housed in the U.S. Federal District courts. All Federal Criminal Searches go back a minimum of seven years.
U.S. Patriot Act Compliance Search (OFAC)
Turnaround: Same Day
Description: The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued a regulation requiring companies engaged in business transactions to compare the names of individuals, companies and countries against a specially designated nationals and blocked persons list (SDN).
Motor Vehicles Records
Turnaround: Most Instant
Description: Record of an applicant’s driver’s license status, history, point accumulation, etc.
Workers' Compensation Claims Search
Turnaround: Varies by State
Description: Varies by state, reports may include case numbers, locations, case status, injury dates, body parts injured, type of injury, and all party information, including lien claimants which may help employers avoid placing employees in positions that may pose a risk of re-injury. IMPORTANT: This search must be conducted post offer.
Employment Credit Reports
Turnaround: Same Day
Description: A credit report for employment purposes (no score returned), for companies with positions that require financial integrity.
Education and Certifications
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: A verification of an applicant’s educational background and certifications.
Employment History
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: A verification of an applicant’s previous employment.
Credentials and Licensing
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: A verification of an applicant’s credentials and licensing.
DOT Driver Records
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: A verification of a DOT Drivers previous employment history.
Reference Checks
Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours
Description: A check of an applicant’s personal or professional references.