Dispute Notice Form

Prior to completing this form please ensure you have received and carefully reviewed a copy of your consumer/background check report and would like to dispute information contained in the report.

Please Note: If you believe that a background check report we provided was correct, but disagree with a decision made by the employer/contractor, we are not involved with employers’/contractors’ hiring decisions. You will need to contact the employer/contractor directly to discuss their hiring criteria.

Please provide the information required below to securely submit electronic notification to Applicant360 that you are disputing information contained in your consumer/background check report which was requested by the employer/contractor entered below. Once your completed Electronic Dispute Notice Form, copy of your photo ID and supporting documents are received, your request will be processed as quickly as possible, however please allow up to 30 days (the time allowed by law) for completion. Upon completion, we will provide a result of the findings to you via the method you select below. The employer/organization listed below will also receive a copy of the dispute result.