Drug-Free Workplace

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Programs (ASAP) provides cost-effective PREVENTION strategies that balance deterrence with education and assistance to reduce alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

Deterrence – Identifying the signs and symptoms and consequences of substance abuse.
Education - In the form of testing and appropriate disciplinary policy.
Assistance – Supervisor support and confidential, professional help for employees.

Although comprehensive in scope, all of our programs require minimal employer effort for implementation and maintenance and your ASAP representative will guide you through the entire process. Upon implementation, you will receive online access to your Employer Guidebook containing your customized Drug-Free Workplace Policy and detailed instructions on how to:

Apply for Workers’ Comp Insurance Premium discounts
Obtain local drug and alcohol test collection
Make legal inquiries
Consult our Medical Review Officer
Provide employee and supervisor education
Order supplies

The success of our approach is confirmed by thousands of our clients located throughout the United States that have experienced fewer accidents, lower Workers’ Comp costs and a more productive and stable workforce since implementing our drug-free workplace programs.

For more information, call (800) 329-6334 or email us at info@asap-programs.com

Workers' Comp Discounts
Alabama - 5%
Arkansas - 5%
Florida - 5%
Georgia - 7.5%
Idaho - 5%
Kentucky - 5%
Mississippi - 5%
Ohio - Up to 20%
South Carolina - 5%
Tennessee - 5%
Virginia - 5%
Wyoming - 5%