Drug Screening

Whether combined with our Turnkey State and/or Federal Drug Free Workplace Programs or used simply for applicant screening our drug testing provides the deterrent needed to help maintain a drug-free workplace and meet your company objectives and compliance needs. As an ASAP client you will receive bundled per test pricing which includes all of the following:

Online reporting with Applicant360 providing drug tests and background checks for true one-stop convenience
Specimen collection by a trained collector using a strict chain of custody
Testing of specimens at a SAMHSA and CAP certified laboratories
Integrity testing (checking for adulterants and dilution)
Collection at thousands of collection sites conveniently located throughout the United States
All Laboratory charges for testing including GC/MS confirmation of all positive tests
Verification of ALL results by our Certified Medical Review Officers backed by a $1,000,000 malpractice insurance policy.
Free shipping of testing supplies including Chain of Custody forms and collection kits
Urine Drug Screens
Federal (DOT)
Florida (HRS)
Forensic (Non-DOT)
Paperless - 15 Minute Negatives
On-Site Solutions
Expanded Testing Panels
Health Care Panel
Nicotine Testing
Synthetic Opiates (Oxycotine)
Ecstasy (MDMA)
Alcohol Testing
Blood Alcohol (Florida - HRS)
Saliva Alcohol
Breath Alcohol
Alternative Testing Solutions
Saliva (Oral Fluid) Testing
Hair Testing
Sweat Patch

Mobile Testing

Random testing, job fairs, late shift changes and rural job sites are just a few of the situations our clients have found utilizing our mobile testing to be both economical and convenient. In fact, depending on travel distance and the number of collections to be performed, on-site Mobile testing for groups may cost no more than local collection centers. Some of the benefits of Mobile Testing include:

Minimizes employee downtime - Testing takes mere minutes away from work.
Minimizes employee anxiety – Testing “on their turf” eases tension.
Best assurances of specimen – Integrity assured by a controlled collection environment and certified collectors.