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Save your clients 50% off our certified drug free workplace programs!

Due to the overwhelming interest and volume of inquiries, we have established a dedicated number to address any questions, including those related to pricing that would be available to your clients.

(813) 676-1895 

Welcome to our Referrer Registration page! We are excited to partner with workers' compensation insurance agents like you to promote drug-free workplaces and help your clients enjoy 50% cost savings on our premium drug-free workplace programs.

Our state-specific Drug-Free Workplace Programs are designed to meet or exceed each specific state’s required criteria to qualify your company to receive a Workers’ Comp Discount. The following states have enacted legislation and provide financial incentives in the form of Workers’ Comp Discounts to promote drug-free workplaces:


Workers' Comp Premium Discounts by State

  • Alabama - Save 5%

  • Arkansas - Save 5%

  • Florida - Save 5%

  • Georgia - Save 7.5%

  • Idaho - Save 5%

  • Kentucky - Save 5%

  • Mississippi - Save 5%

  • Ohio - Save Up to 20%

  • South Carolina - Save 5%

  • Tennessee - Save 5%

  • Virginia - Save 5%

  • Wyoming - Save 5%

Our very comprehensive programs require minimal employer effort to be implemented and maintained and include all the following components:

  • Certificate of Compliance for Insurance Carrier

  • Application for Workers’ Comp Premium Discounts

  • Compliant Customized Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  • Extensive online Digital Employer Guidebook

  • Online Supervisor and Employee Training Courses

  • Account setup with HHS/SAMSHA Certified Laboratory

  • Applicant360 account for online results retrieval

  • 1000's of certified collection site locations nationwide

  • Bundled per test pricing

  • Certified Medical Review Officers review of ALL results


How It Works:

1. Register as a Referrer

We are a leading provider of drug-free workplace solutions with extensive experience in the field. You can trust that your clients will receive top-notch service and support from our team of experts.​

2. Refer Companies

After your registration is approved, start referring your clients to our drug-free workplace programs. You can recommend the program to both existing and potential clients

3. Cost Savings for Eligible Clients

Companies referred by you and successfully enrolled in our program will benefit from 50% cost savings on our premium drug-free workplace programs and testing compared to the standard list price.

4. Stay Informed

As a valued referrer, we'll keep you apprised of your clients' enrollment process and activity, including yearly renewals. We'll make sure you're always in the loop, so you can confidently provide updates to your clients.


Win-Win for All


Your clients save on the cost of our drug-free workplace programs while promoting a safer work environment, you gain a competitive edge as an insurance agent, and we reach more businesses with our effective drug-free workplace solutions.

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